Our Services

I2arts is a full service graphic design company that offers a comprehensive selection of design services serving a variety of industries. Their graphical design expertise includes the provision of services that include:

  • Website Design.
  • The Development of Corporate Identities.
  • The Design of Smartphone Applications.
  • Merchandise Design.
  • The Design of Conference Booths, among many more.

The reality is that graphic design concepts are applicable to pretty much everything you see, touch or feel. Most businesses, products and profiles are proactively managed, albeit seamlessly, by teams of graphic designers on a mission to deliver a specific message/image. These images are created, built and maintained by the inventiveness and ingenuity of I2arts’ graphic designers on staff.

I2arts Graphic Design offers services that create clean, distinctive graphic designs that accurately express the client’s company image, products and mission. This is adeptly accomplished by the creation and production of:

  • Brochures – A brochure is defined as a small booklet that provides pictures and information about a certain product or service that is being promoted.
  • Newsletters – A newsletter is a type of bulletin that is issued periodically to the active members of a group or a professional organization.
  • Direct Mail Pieces – Direct Mail Pieces are used in a marketing technique that employs the mail service.
  • Trade Show Displays – Trade Show Displays are graphic devices that are designed for use by trade show vendors.
  • Point Of Purchase Designs – A Point-Of-Sale display is a sale’s promotional technique that is, as its name implies, usually located nearby the checkout counter or cash register. Industry insiders call this type of design as a POS display.

The I2arts graphic team consists of the creative talents of Ms. Patricia Weber, Ms. Hannah Schmidt and Ms. Tina Schneider. Together they combine their graphic design skills and talent to bring a client’s vision to life, or to enhance the vision of what the client thought they wanted. Creativity walks a fine line, and the creative minds at I2arts have learned the art of walking this fine line.

This trio of talented creative thinkers takes great pride in the products they create and in their ability to work alongside their clients, instep with their client’s timetable. This professional approach allows I2arts to create the layout, the design elements and the color palette that will bring their client’s vision the appropriate attention it deserves. In other words, I2arts’ ability to work cohesively with their clients facilitates their ability to bring the client’s concept to life as planned, and on time.

I2arts Graphic Design offers the following services to their clients across the globe, and back:

  • Business Card Designs.
  • Packaging & Planning Options.
  • Logo Design – A logo is a badge, a coat of arms, and an identity.
  • Custom Illustrations.
  • Trade Show Design Packages.
  • Sales Presentation Folders.
  • Stationary Designs.
  • Corporate Brochure Creations.
  • Postcard Creations.
  • Newsletter Publishing.
  • T-Shirt Designs.
  • Invitation Designs.
  • Banners or Poster Design and Printing.
  • Decals for Vehicles

The reality is, experienced designers should never try to explain their creativity with the limited use words. The most legitimate way to reveal their talents would be to encourage them to view their professional work. In a mere glance, someone will learn what the creative graphic designers of I2arts can do.

Take a moment to view I2arts portfolio, which is currently available online. The detailed natures of the graphic designers who work at I2arts, helps create an accurate depiction of their client’s concepts. I2arts is conscientious regarding deadlines and the quality of work produced.