Our Clients

l2arts Design studios have worked with a wide variety of clients over the past decade and the numbers of clients are growing larger with the passing of each year. While the following is an impressive list of clients and projects successfully accomplished by the l2art Graphic Design Company, it is but a mere selection of the work that is being done by the creative professionals at l2arts.

Betsson is an online gaming company that offers a large variety of gambling services for the online gambling consumer. Their digital gaming environment offers a user-friendly, safe platform for their members to gamble upon. They offer tools of protection and responsible consumer guides for those that come to find that gaming has become problematic and disruptive to their lives. They remind their clients that:

One cannot always win. Losing is part of the game. A responsible gamer always needs to be prepared for it.

Project completed for client: The Design Of Their Conference And Their Convention Presence

Mr. Green is a gaming website that offers total control to its online players regarding the 700 games it offers. MrGreen.com accomplishes this by providing a programmable gaming platform that allows each player to set-up their own rules and limits for their personal gaming experience. This ultimately equates into a safer gaming opportunity where a player can never spending more than they can afford.

Since 2009, MrGreen.com has been received awards from the various Gaming Awards issued each year. In fact, in 2017, MrGreen.com received the award from eGaming Review for a) Nordic Operator of the Year and b) Online Gaming Operator. In addition, the International Gaming Awards has bestowed upon MrGreen.com the title of Online Gaming Operator of the year!

The Malta Gaming Authority regulates MrGreen.com’s online presence.

Project completed for client: MrGreen.com’s Website Design

Cisk, a beer manufacturing company, was launched in August of 1929 – the year that marked the end of the Roaring Twenties and witnessed the birth of the Stock Market Crash of 1929. The timing of Cisk’s entrance into beer industry allowed the company to play a defining role as the adult beverage industry experienced significant changes. This was when wine drinkers began to appreciate the beauty and love of beer, Cisk beer.

Project completed for client: Billboard Designs Targeting The United Kingdom (UK) Marketplace

Warners.com is part of The Warnaco Group, Inc. The Warnaco Group was founded with a variety of textile companies; companies designed to manufacture and to distribute a large variety of sport wear, swimwear and underwear, all upon a worldwide scale. They are responsible for the manufacturing and marketing of many different famous name brands that include Warner’s, Olga, Speedo, to name just a few. They were bought out by PVH in 2013 for $2.8 billion.

l2arts was tasked with the responsibility of promoting Cloud9’s new, superior comfort underwear collection. According to the product’s details, the Cloud9 collection takes the concept of comfort and raises it to new heights. Every style offered in the Cloud9 bra collection shares the following commonality:

Super soft fabrics and designs that create the feeling of floating on a cloud
Project completed for client: Warners.com’s Campaign Website for their cloud9 Collection

BabyBjörn is a Swedish family-owned business. Today, BabyBjörn, the company, is located in 50 countries across the globe. Its headquarters is located in Stockholm where 40 employees work with sales and product development.

BabyBjörn sold their first baby bouncer in 1961. Björn Jacobson and his wife Lillemor, got married and had four children, each serving as the inspiration for new products that met the challenges of everyday family life. Björn knew that he could make family life easier. He was right, because BabyBjörn products have been a top-selling brand since the early 1960’s.

Project completed for client: Complete Design Work For BabyBjörn’s Last 7 Issues Of The Parent Magazine