Graphic design of a casino gokkast

You probably already know that we are a graphic design company that works is very broad areas. One of our areas of expertise is the online casino world and we get many assignments from related companies. Like our latest job. This included the design of casino gokkasten, or slot machine if you will. We had to create everything, from the theme to the symbols and the special effects. This was actually a very interesting job which we hope to get more of in the future. We will now tell you more about the work we’ve done to see if you’ll like our onlinegokkast.

Choosing a theme for the casino

It’s actually harder than you think to choose a theme for a casino game. Of course you can always go for popular themes like Vikings, Fruit or Vampires, but we wanted to be original. So we went on a brainstorm session for our casino onlinegokkast and finally came up with a theme that we believe has never been used before. And we were kind of proud of that. The name of the game is now Angry Neighbour and the game revolves around an old lady that is not happy to have the player as a neighbour. The lady is always angry.

Casino gokkasten symbols

This slot machine has 8 different symbols, which we will name and then explain. The wild symbol is a police car. And the regular symbols are as follows, from high to low; eggs, headphones, a dog, a stereo and a vacuum cleaner. The police car is a wild symbol, because the police comes to help you out and arrest the annoying neighbour lady who’s always yelling. When you hit a win with the eggs, you’ll get into the bonus round since the eggs are the scatter symbol. The headphones will show you from behind putting on your headphones and cancelling out the noise from the yelling neighbour. The dog is your dog and will bark aggressively at the angry woman. The other two items are just for you to make more noise and deliberately create more frustration.

Casino bonus round

This slot machine has two different bonus rounds. The first one lets you throw eggs at the angry lady and the second one has a police officer help you throw these eggs. You reach the first bonus round by getting 4 egg symbols in the game simultaneously and if you also have two wild symbols at the same time, the second bonus round will start. During the first casino bonus round you can earn profits to up to 10.000 the wagered amount, but the real winnings are to be made at the second round. Here you can earn an amount of 50.000 times your bet.

Slot machine casino settings

This onlinegokkast has a number of different settings. For one, it has 40 paylines, but you can choose on how many you want to bet. The choices are 10, 20, 30 or 40 paylines per bet. Then you can decide between 1 and 10 coins per bet and the value of those coins can vary between 10 cents and 2 Euro. This means that the minimum bet is 1 Euro and the maximum bet is €800. Which makes it a great game for high rollers.