About l2arts

l2arts might look like a name from a well-conceived business plan. Ironically, though, it has no personal meaning to its owner and it is not some esoteric artistic acronym Ms. Weber has created.

l2arts begin as a simple creative notion from the mind of Patricia Weber, over a decade ago. Initially, Ms. Weber conceived of a company that she could open that would offer graphic design solutions, in line with Ms. Weber’s hard working and fastidious nature. In only a few years, Ms. Weber’s vision has developed from a one-person shop into this now sought after graphic design studio in Germany employing several university-trained graphic designers.

Patricia Weber was inspired to create this graphic design company to act as a platform and creative outlet for her passion for the creative arts. Ms. Weber’s passion was ignited as a child by the inspirations found in her visions and ideas.

From the very beginning, Ms. Weber has been an art lover. Her artistic interests were forever changed when her technology-crazed Dad bought the family a home computer many years ago. It was at this time, that Ms. Weber merged her love of art and creativity with the digital possibilities offered by the introduction of a computer. And, she admits, her creative ideas using this digital medium have never slowed.

As the years passed and Ms. Weber approached the beginning of her professional life, this ‘hobby’ had morphed, with ease, into a professional opportunity in which Ms. Weber could apply her creative talents. Friends and family, after seeing her consistent artistic contributions, encouraged Ms. Weber to set up her own graphic design company. From there, the l2arts Graphic Design Company grew organically and exponentially, through word of mouth and referrals. Their work spoke volumes about the l2arts graphic design company and the products they offer.

Since their inception, l2arts has had the good fortune to work with major players across an assortment of industries throughout the world.

With the consistency of the success she was receiving over the past decade, Ms. Weber finally decided to take the plunge and officially open her own company using the talents of her two best friends.

  • Hannah Schmidt; a Graduate of the University of Hamburg, Graphic Design.
  • Tina Schneider; a Graduate of the University of Hamburg, Graphic Design

As a team, this trio of creative minds spends time traveling to retain their inspirations as well as the flow of their creativity. Our workdays are different each day, exciting, satisfying and pleasant.

Let us make a difference and meet the graphic designs needs for you and your company. l2arts is available for all of your marketing needs. Give us a call today.